About Us

Our mission is to help ambitious tech founders accelerate their growth so they keep pace with the exponential growth of their startup, more effectively, with confidence and excellence, leading to long-term success.

Our clients share these 4 characteristics:
– Ambitious
– Innovative
– Making a positive impact
– Impatient

Right now, every leader has to consider carefully how to adapt to the current changes. 
How do we plan successfully for the future, when things seem to be changing so fast and affecting every aspect of our lives, all around the globe?  It can seem daunting and we often don’t know if or when to pivot. But indecision is not an option in the midst of crisis.

Our coaching programs deliver rapid results through evidence-based methods:

  • Executive Coaching: High Performance for Leaders
  • Exponential Growth Mindset: Keep Up with Your Startup
  • Get Investable: Prepare for Funding

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CEO and founder Pascale Scheurer FRSA is an award-winning architect and serial entrepreneur. She studied Architecture at the University of Cambridge and holds two Masters degrees, in Architecture and Development Practice. Pascale is registered with EMCC (the European Mentoring and Coaching Council), with UKASFP (the UK Association of Solution-Focused Practitioners), and is a Fellow of the RSA.

Here’s what our clients have to say:
“Pascale is very insightful, articulate and organised. Pascale is also very empathetic and possesses great insight into and individual and their situation. After being coached by Pascale, I ewas able to identify and clarify my goals. I was able to get past my own perceived roadblocks and get ahead.” SL, entrepreneur and author, Cleveland Ohio.

“Pascale was the natural ‘go-to’ person for someone in my position: middle-management level from a technical profession. Pascale offers advice delivered in a very supportive, respectful and forward-reaching manner. Pascale’s breadth of experience and outreach meant her guidance was very rounded and well-considered, with the skill to focus on specifics to my particular circumstances.” CT, architect and business owner, Reading.

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