Prolific Founders Study – Seed to SeriesA

Hello, thank you for participating in this study for Startup Founders with over 7 staff.

Here’s how to take part:
1. Copy and paste the 10 questions below into an email (you can use your Prolific email).
2. Type in your answers in the body of the email. No more than 1-2 minutes per question.
3. Subject should be “Seed to SeriesA Study” + your Prolific ID.
4. Send the email to
That’s it! We will send you the Prolific Completion Code when we have received your email.
Thank you for taking part.

Q1. Tell me a little bit about your startup and the stage you’re at: vertical, annual, revenue/funding stage, your current role, do you have cofounders, how big is your team?
Q2. What are your goals for the next 6-12 months for the business?
Q3. What challenges are currently holding you up, slowing you down or keeping you up at night?
Q4. What were the biggest hurdles you faced when you scaled beyond the co-founder team to 8-10 people, and from there to bigger numbers of staff, that other startups could learn from?
Q5. Thinking about your current goals and challenges, if you could blast away one challenge in the next month, what would it be?
Q6. What would become available for you, if that happened?
Q7. What will likely happen if you don’t solve this problem in the next few months?
Q8. What have you tried so far, to solve this problem? Where did those solutions fall short?
Q9. Did you have a budget in mind for solving that problem? If so, was it sufficient? What budget would you recommend to others?
Q10. If we had a solution that would help you solve that problem in <30 days, would you be interested to know more?
Email your answers to – don’t forget to include your Prolific ID so we can send you the Completion Code.