HyryzeAI – Coach in Your Pocket

We are super excited to introduce our AI “coach-in-your-pocket” app: HyryzeAI.

Combining the best of human-human coaching with the power of AI, we’re bringing accessible, affordable, evidence-based coaching to the world.

Why do we need a new solution for coaching?
1. Not everybody wants a personal relationship with a coach – for some people this is a major barrier.
2. Not everybody can afford 1-to-1 coaching. Another barrier.
3. Not everybody wants to access coaching via regular weekly calls (or meetings pre-Covid). We provide bitesized coaching within the workflow – when you need it, where you need it. Suddenly been told you need to lead a big presentation this afternoon? HyryzeAI can coach you to be ready for that, right now.
4. Not everybody has a private space where they can access coaching.
5. But EVERYBODY can benefit from coaching!

So why wait?

Join us, and let’s build the future now.

Join the Beta (3rd beta round starting soon):