3 Ways We’re Supporting Our Clients During Covid-19

Covid-19 has pulled the rug from under all of us. It’s fair to say that everyone is rethinking their career choices right now – even those whose job is “secure”.

For executives, the demands of leadership have intensified and the stakes are far higher than a year ago. Many leaders have not experienced a recession like this as they were not in a senior or C-suite role during the 2008 crisis.

For mid-career professionals, their expected career progression has been interrupted. Some are coping with redundancy, others are seeing their company stalling and thinking ahead to finding a new employer. Those with fairly secure jobs may still perceiving the need to prove their value to the business week by week, and quietly assessing their transferable skills to help them fit into a reshaped company structure. Some will be taking the opportunity to retrain, to take time off for family or personal pursuits, or starting their own business. Again, younger mid-level staff who have been continuously employed for the last decade are finding this situation hard to navigate.

For new graduates, coming from University into this job market is extremely tough. Many internships and milk round jobs have been postponed. There is the option to study more, but with high debts and Universities physically closed, that can be an unattractive or unavailable option. Without jobs readily available, some will take the chance to start a business, and some of those scrappy startups will do well. Others will be settling down to the hard grind of sending their CV to thousands of recruiters and HR managers over the next 6-12 months, with the chance of getting an interview – or even just a response – feeling very slim indeed.

For this reason, in order to support our clients at all three levels, we’ve created the following programs:

LEVEL 1: Our flagship 1-to-1 Executive Coaching is a private, individually-tailored program focused on personal resilience, crisis management, and agile leadership. Executives welcome the extra 1-to-1 support and advice, especially those who were not in senior leadership roles during the 2008 crisis. Companies welcome the flexibility to engage for 3 or 6 months at a time on a rolling, agile basis, for a competitively-priced all-in fee.

LEVEL 2: Coaching in Small Groups is proving very effective and affordable for junior and mid-level staff, as well as offering camaraderie and mutual support. 1-to-1 sessions can be booked as needed, for example before a big meeting or interview. Whether the person is looking to stay with their current employer, find a new employer, or do something completely different like launch a startup or make a big career change, this program is flexible enough to accommodate all those options.

LEVEL 3: Covid-Specific Career Reboot Program for graduates and entry level professionals who simply could not afford our Level 1 or 2 coaching. This is a highly valuable and effective program run as a series of 5-day sprints, as a group cohort.

All programs use our Diamond Model to cover the essentials of:
Goals, Skills, MindsetNetworks and Strategy
to deliver actionable and measurable Results.

As always, our Core Leadership Values are:
Ambition, InnovationInfluence and Excellence.

To discuss how to work with us to achieve your goals or those of your company, contact us here.