Gherkin, Shard… London’s Next Iconic Tower?

A new tower to puncture London’s skyline is being planned in stealth mode, led by a group of tech multi-millionaires, global NGOs and impact investors hungry to accelerate positive change in the world.

The tower – dubbed the “Innovation Collaboratorium” – will be a spectacular symbol of the power of entrepreneurship, and of London’s global leadership as the world’s foremost creative, collaborative and connected city.

There are many tech innovation centres around the world, from Silicon Valley to Bangalore, incubating ambitious high-growth startups.  The twist here is that the project is solely open to entrepreneurs who are actively applying the power of tech to solving humanity’s global grand challenges.  Impact Entrepreneurs, building Impact Startups, backed by Impact Investors.

The design is closely guarded, with the project manager breaking into a smile when asked about it: “It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.”

If you would like to be invited to the preview for the project, register here: