CSR Impact: Meet the Speakers

With a few days to go to Feb 12th, we thought you would like to meet the speakers ahead of the event.

Speakers for Feb 12th CSR event




We’ve created an intro for each speaker with their photo, short summary of their work, their key message or goal and a couple of links where you can find further information.

https://bit.ly/CSRintro_1  Adam Elman (M&S), Tamsin Lejeune (Ethical Fashion Forum)

https://bit.ly/CSRintro_2  Francine Bennett (Mastodon C), Nathan Waterhouse (OpenIDEO)

https://bit.ly/CSRintro_3  Trudy Thompson (Bricks and Bread), Paul Fletcher (Through-Architecture)

Do let us know if you have any questions for the speakers – email them to info@intelligentfutures.co.uk ahead of the event and we’ll ask them on the night.

Event info and bookings:  www.bit.ly/CSR_impact