What Type of Jobseeker are You?

To help you on your jobseeking journey, we’ve created a short, fun test to help you find out whether you’re a…
> Confident
> Creative
> Consistent, or
> Connector type.

Each of the 4 Types of jobseeker has their superpowers… and their Kryptonite.

Did you know, it’s possible to have the positives of your Type, without the downside? AND did you know that it’s possible to learn how to develop your abilities in the other 3 Types you might not be so strong in right now?

For example, you may be an introvert who finds small-talk phoney, so you’re not much of a Connector. You haven’t got a great network that you feel comfortable reaching out to for help with finding your next role. BUT – maybe there’s someone you know and trust, who IS a fabulous connector, and they’d be more than happy to do some connecting for you.

Or, maybe you’re high on “Creative” but low on “Consistent”. You start the week with enthusiasm and new ideas, but by Wednesday you feel like your scattergun approach isn’t getting you anywhere, and you start to feel deflated. Maybe you just need some guidance on creating structure, and a weekly accountability chat with friends, so you can feel happy you’re making visible progress – and design in plenty of time for variety and spontaneity.

When you complete the test you’ll get a report on your balance of the 4 Types, the strengths and weaknesses of each, and what you can do to make your jobseeking days enjoyable as well as successful.

To start the test, simply send an email to: info at intelligentfutures.co.uk
With “Jobseeker Type Test” in the subject line. We’ll send you the link to the test.

To your successful future!